Proposed menu items for wedding catering by Pierpoint
     Grilled Tenderloin
     Moroccan Rack of Lamb or Leg of Lamb
     Beef Wellington
      Italian Rosemary Flank Steak
      Pork Loin Chop or Sliced Pork Tenderloin
      Korean Bulgogi
      Carved Beef
      Thai Beef or Indonesian spiced sliced meats or satays

     Roasted Tuscan Chicken (whole or breasts)
     Seared Duck Breast or Whole Roasted Duck
     Roasted Pheasant
     Grilled Chicken Breast with Winter Vegetable Ragout
     Southwestern Seasoned Chicken Breast
      Jerk Chicken Breast   
     Chicken Adobo

     Pierpoint House Crab Cake (smoked or traditional style     
     Corn-fried Soft Shell Crabs or Oysters (when in season)
     Maryland Style Cioppino
      Lobster or Clam Bakes
      Assorted Fish - large repitoire of sauces of multi-ethnic cuisines
      Seaweed and Sesame Tempura Shrimp
      Oyster Stew
      Oysters Rockefeller
      Parisienne Style Boulabaisse
       Shrimp Scampi
       Thai or Asian Entrees of any kind

     Wild Mushroom Ravioli
     Eggplant, Roast Pepper, and Parmesan Layer Cake
     Grilled Vegetable Plate
     Vegetarian Quesadillas
     Grilled Vegetable and Portobello Mushroom Stack

     Linguine with White Clam Sauce
     All Sorts of Lasagnas
     Pasta Station or Buffet of any of these:
             Carbonara, Alfredo, Putenesca, Pesto,
             Roast Garlic and Truffle Oil, Lobster Cream, 
             Marinara, Meat Sauce, and others available

 These are sample entrees, others are available upon request

Side Dishes Available:

      French String Beans with almonds or pecans
      Wasabi Almond String Beans
      Steamed Vegetables
      Grilled Vegetables
      Corn Pancakes
      Potato Pancakes
      Wok Vegetables
      Asian Rice Dishes
      Caramelized Onion Mashed Potatoes
      Saffron Mashed Potatoes 
      Lemon Rosemary Oven Roasted Potatoes
      Au-gratin Potatoes
      Home-made French Fries
      Tempura Vegetables
      Japanese Squash Cakes
      Spaghetti Squash
      Mexican Rice
      Black Bean Cakes
      BBQ Black Beans


     Caesar Salad with Parmesan cheese crisp and croutons
     Mixed Greens with julienne cucumber, squash, grape tomatoes, onion, and assorted 
       vinaigrettes (many options available)
     Mixed Greens with pinenuts, Gorgonzola cheese, tomato, roast pepper, and white balsamic
     Greek Salad with lemon oregano vinaigrette
     Maryland Fried Chicken Breast Salad with pecan vinaigrette
     Fresh Fruit Salad
     Seafood Salad with shrimp, corn-fried oytsers, crab balls, crisp sweet potatoes, tomato, and 
        mustard seed vinaigrette

 We also can compose any salad if you like with any greens, vegetables, meats, cheeses, chicken, duck, seafood, pork, and a dressing to go with it.

 We can also make other side dishes upon request.


Proposed menu items for wedding catering:


       Shrimp Tempura
       Shrimp Cocktail
       Shrimp Toast
       Shrimp Firecrackers:  shrimp toast mix and shrimps in a crisp wrapper
       Shrimp Dumplings
       Shrimp Shitake:  shrimp toast mix in a shitake mushroom tempura
       Cajun Corn-fried or Coconut fried Popcorn Shrimp

       Chicken Satays
       Chicken Dumplings
       Chicken Italian Style Rosemary Skewers
       Chicken Quesadillas
       Thai Chicken Noodle Spring Rolls
       Chicken Pinenut and Feta Cheese Filo Turnovers
       Chicken Caesar Salad on a Stick
       Lemon or Orange Chicken Nuggets

       Beef on Garlic Rounds with horseradish mayonnaise
       Beef Satays
       Beef Quesadillas
       Beef Bricolla

       Scallops wrapped in Bacon with Asian or American BBQ
       Scallop Tempura
       Scallop Puffs
       Crab Balls - smoked or traditional style
       Crab Stuffed Mushrooms
       Hot Crab Dip
       Crab and Asparagus Spring Rolls
       Crab Claws with hot mustard
       Crab and Brie Quesadillas or Turnovers

       Spanikopita - spinach and feta cheese pies
       Tiropita - Greek cheese pies
       Eggplant Sausage and Parmesan Wontons or Mini Calzones
       Mini Quiches

       Pork Satays
       Mini Pork Carnita Tacos
       Ginger Pork Dumplings
       Pork and Cheddar Quesadillas
       Asian Pork Ribs or American BBQ Ribs
       Bacon Straws

       Vegetable Potstickers
       Vegetable Bruschettas or Assorted Flatbreads
       Fruit and Vegetable Display
       Artesian Cheese Display
       Curried Vegetable Samosas
       Wild Mushroom Stilton Turnovers
       Artichoke or Spinach Dip
       Baked Brie en Croute
       Mediterranean Olive Turnovers
       Italian Olive and Roast Pepper Tapanade or Turnovers

       Duck Truffle Mousse Pate
       Country Pate
       Duck Eggrolls
       Smoked Duck Quesadillas
       Duck Wontons
       Duck La Orange Skewers
       Crispy Cheese Raviolis
       Smoked Salmon with Boursin and Pumpernickel Squares
       Smoked Salmon with Goats Cheese Filo Turnovers
       Lobster and Boursin Stuffed Mushrooms
       Lobster Eggrolls

      Sushi with fresh fish or vegetables OR Sushi with eel, crabstick, fresh crab, etc.
      Tuna Tapanade with assorted breads
      Rockfish Gyoza

      Marinated Vegetables and Italian Antipasto Bar
      Oysters and/or Clams on the Half Shell
      Fried Oysters
      Oysters Casino
      Oysters Rockefeller
      Clams Casino
      Mini Cones or Crispy Fried Clams

       Proscuitto or Smoked Salmon Wrapped Asparagus

 This is a list of appetizers we make most often but we can make others.  

 All appetizers are priced $1.00 to $4.00 per item, not by piece.  Most all of them as an item include at least 2 pieces per item.  

 Any of these items can be chosen to make a meal for an all appetizer wedding reception.




     Smoked or traditional crab balls
     Crab stuffed mushrooms
     Crab claws with assorted butters
     Corn-fried oysters
     Broiled oysters with assorted butters
     Oysters Rockefeller
     Maryland rabbit sausage on garlic crouton with greens and cider vinaigrette
     Mini cones of fried clams
     Clams casino
     Clams and Oysters shucked on the half shell
     Maryland eastern shore melon with Smithfield ham on a stick (Summer only!)
     Corn tempura soft shell crab quarters with remoulade
     Maryland fried chicken breast fingers with pecan dipping sauce
     Duck or wonton crisp with Maryland melon chutney


      Crab Cakes smoked or traditional style with sides and roast pepper tartar sauce
      Rockfish oven baked, grilled, or pan seared with assorted sauces and side dishes
      Rockfish boullabaisse with Maryland clams, scallops, and shrimp served in a Chesapeake
         clam broth with lemon, Old Bay, herbs, tomatoes, and corn bread served on the side
      Soft shells corn pan seared with tomato remoulade sauce and side dishes 
      Duck Breast or Rabbit cooked in a sherry demi glace or local pecan and peach chutney with 
          side dishes
      Stuffed Flounder with Maryland crab imperial and lemon champagne sauce with side dishes

Side Dishes:

      Whipped sweet potatoes with candied pecans
      String beans with garlic cider vinaigrette
      Steamed spinach with Smithfield ham
      Fried red or green tomatoes
      Baked herb crusted Maryland tomato slices
      Creamed silver queen corn with nutmeg

Wedding Cake Proposals from Pierpoint:

We have pictures of our work and can arrange for hand-made wedding cake toppers of the bride and groom in their likeness OR we rent and/or sell antique or modern toppers, crowns, and cake embellishments.

We also rent or supply to our cake customers (at no charge), cake stands and cake knives.

Cake Types:

      Italian rum pound cake
      Butter pound cake
      Vanilla old-fashioned cake
      Chocolate devil's food cake
      Chocolate chip cake
      Pumpkin chocolate chip cake
      Vanilla chocolate chip cake
      Red velvet cake
      Carrot cake
      German chocolate cake
      Flourless chocolate fudge
      Hazelnut cake
      Banana cake
      Lemon poppy seed cake
      Cheese cake
      Shortcake for fruit cakes
      Sponge cake

* others are also possible

Filling Options:

      Berries or other fruit
      Lemon curd
      Chocolate ganache
      Espresso buttercream
      Key lime
      Orange marmalade or Grand Marnier
      Hazelnut buttercream
      Peanut butter or peanut butter mousse

Icing Options:

      Buttercream - plain French or with white chocolate or extracts
      Buttercream - American style with limited butter and economical
      Rolled fondant in white or colors
      Chocolate ganache poured or spread
      Swiss merangue
      Whip cream

Embellishment Options:

      Candied pansies or lilacs
      Pastiallage flowers
      Sugar paste decorations
      Plastic chocolate decorations
      Colored gold leaf flowers
      Fresh flowers

All of our cakes range from $3.00 to $5.00 per person*
                                     * with some exceptions

We also do cake tastings and are able to make cakes from the design ideas of the bride and groom, as well as from pictures.  
Price includes delivery and set-up of the cake.  We also supply cake bags or boxes if requested, and will box up the top of the cake for the bride and groom and any remaining cake at the end of the event.